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The real extra virgin olive oil 100% Retrieved from Olive di Puglia. Quality and Health. 100% italiano
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Who we are

The Salento oil company Terre di Carmen specializes in the production and sale of considered extra virgin olive oil “the Oro del Salento”. The product obtained is an extra virgin olive oil awarded with “3 Drops” the competition “The Gold of Italy” and reported in “to Extravergini Guide” Slow Food and the prestigious Gambero Rosso guide .

The earth

Italy, Puglia, the sea and the Salento; the heel of the boot, where the Ionian Sea meets the Adriatic Sea. From the high cliffs that fall sheer into deep blue waters of the Adriatic, the sandy beaches lapped by the waters of the Ionian Emerald. Here live our olive trees. Puglia is the Italian region with the largest number of olive trees, are more than 60 millions. More than half are ancient olive trees, abstract sculptures fashioned by time and wind. Represent an archaeological monument of nature as well as a real living archaeological find.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Carmen born in the countryside. Her grandfather took her with him and explained everything about agronomic crops and told them: learn that one day you will have to lead this campaign.

But unfortunately this did not come true, the countryside so loved by his grandfather and his granddaughter has gone to others. This little girl's love for nature has never passed. One day, grown up, finding himself walking in the middle of abandoned olive groves, still feeling alive the love and passion for the countryside that his grandfather had passed on to him, without thinking too much, she began to cultivate them. After a lot of work, the olive groves have been reborn and have given their fruits. Thus was born the TERRE DI CARMEN farm.

Every now and then I think about it and say who knows how proud grandfather would be of this work.

The fruits

The fruits of our lands are the 'expression of Made in Italy representing worldwide quality, creativity and quality of the products. The extra virgin olive oil is the condiment par excellence of the Mediterranean diet, the most widely used on the tables of Italian and the most renowned chefs. It is the product of the educated olives and juices, without trial or adding chemicals. The only practiced treatments, of the mechanical type, I am washing, the frangitura, oil extraction and filtration.

They speak and write us

After olive oil to get to the real extra virgin

Secrets of Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production Phases of Carmen Terre. Find out how we respect nature and your Health


The first attention is paid to the plant and its needs.
The rule is that the hair is light, each part is exposed to the sun and air circulation inside. We pay the utmost attention to plowing of the land, that we carry out several times a year at different depths to eliminate the weeds under the canopy and to store rainwater in the autumn.


The optimal degree of ripeness for our olives is when the peel of the fruit begins to change color and becomes purple, the specific term is sending. Collecting them at this time is of fundamental importance to obtain a high quality oil with a low level of acidity and a fine and pleasant aroma..


After harvesting, the olives are taken to the mill where they are immediately subjected to defoliation and cleaning, and then proceed to the subsequent pressing phase which transforms the olives into an oil of great value.

cold extraction

Our olives are subjected to cold extraction, the best method that guarantees the maintenance of the organoleptic properties of the olives. The paste obtained from the pressing is subjected to kneading where the separation of water from oil takes place, which will end completely in the next step.

The result of so much work

By kneading the two components then pass into the decanter: a machine that separates the water and the oil towards different directions, thanks to the specific weight. The oil is then cleaned of remaining impurities through a natural filtration system.


After extracting extra virgin olive oil “Carmen lands” it is stored in silos with the addition of nitrogen for better conservation. Placed in a room with a constant temperature between 15 ° and 25 °. The oil is bottled only upon receipt of an order, to guarantee the consumer all the flavor and freshness of freshly squeezed oil.

L’ bottling takes place in elegant dark glass bottles to protect it from sources of light and heat to ensure its quality.

The latest news from the world of olives

Good oil not mind

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Days of passion


Our task in life is not overcome the other, but surpass ourselves

Red shrimp

“A good pleasantness and consistent oil.”

2 leaves

Guide “Oli d'Italia”Red shrimp

The gold of Italy

national award the gold of Italy

3 gold drops

fruity blend category

Slow Food

“Elegant and special interest”

Selected from more than 100 experts

“Guide to Extra 2016” Slow food

Bellavita awards London 2016

Among the Italian excellence

extra virgin olive oil Terre di Carmen

2 stars