Carmen lands | Before the collection of oil
Before you pick olives
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At dawn they put in place the tractors for the collection.

I chose mechanical harvesting with the shaker because it leaves intact olives. In this way the olives fall naturally, for the movement to which the branches are subjected.

Here's how it works: first we are spread nets on the ground, with the aid of the tractor.

Once carried out the nets, pass the shaker to shake the trees, doing so the olives fall. Finally networks are wound up heaping olives, which are then transported by the bucket to the small trailer where they are defoliated.

I'm so ready to be transported to the mill in the afternoon, where in a matter of hours are turned into an excellent oil.

I, as good sentinel, I guard all, satisfied with the result after a year of work and anxieties for the hope of a good product.


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