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Quasi l'ora della raccolta ... - Carmen lands
The time of the olive harvest
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Almost time for harvest …

Almost time for harvest …

I'm waiting for the agronomist to decide when to begin the olive harvest. I am in my olive grove, surrounded by these magnificent trees. The day is beautiful, the temperature is still mild, even if we are at the end of October.

I'm enjoying my olive trees: the branches are curved for the loading of the olives, the crown is open, if to say: I'm ready, now that my olives are harvested. There is a silvery shine through the leaves of trees.

It 's true that the nature of the expressions that man could never accomplish. Meanwhile it arrived the agronomist. He is in love with these plants and admires with such passion.

After examining them, It decides that you can just leave: olives are bodily rose just right, nor too sour, will overripe. It 's the perfect time to get a good product.

The agronomist pointed out to me that the olives facing south are more mature than those exposed to the north, and this year the attack of the olive fruit fly is almost nil, thanks to our care and good summer temperature.

Tomorrow there gets to work!

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