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L'extravergine fa la pizza - Terre di Carmen in Morciano Di Leuca
Only Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Extra virgin is the pizza

Extra virgin is the pizza

On a good pizza, as on most of the Italian dishes, You can not miss an excellent extra virgin olive oil.
In some recipes it is also used in the dough, in small amounts. But I want to stress the importance of choosing a true Italian product.

Even for the oil the advice is to carefully read the label, requiring, Finally, to declare the origin of the olives used. If it is not clearly identified the Italian origin, means olives that have been used in other countries. They are very imaginative and suggestive indications as "Mediterranean" olives, which only serve to mask the olives from other countries.

This does not mean that they can not be good olives, but in these cases there will be at least been a long time between harvesting and pressing, if it has done in Italy, and then an inferior quality.

The extra virgin olive oil use on pizza may depend on the type of pizza to prepare. On some types of pizza it serves little, for example, on those that use cheeses and sausages.
But on other pizzas it is an important ingredient and can not miss, for example on pizzas with vegetables or pizza Queen: daisy.

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