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Le donne e l'olio - Carmen lands
Le donne e l'olio
oil, women, associazione donne dell'olio, Puglia, salento, extra virgin olive oil
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Women and the oil

Women and the oil

The 28 April at the headquarters WOMEN OIL, to which I belong, It was held a meeting to present to the press the "PERMANENT SCHOOL OIL" project to be held at the headquarters in Milan via Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 72.

It is a very interesting and unique initiative because even oil lovers in the city of Milan have the opportunity to know and recognize a good olive oil and appreciate all its qualities and benefits.

During this meeting I had the pleasure of exchanging some information and points of view with the expert oleologist LUIGI CARICATO, whose suggestions, as a great expert he is, they are always very valuable. I took the opportunity to take a souvenir photo with the expert oleologist next to my oil which is on display in the headquarters of the DONNE DELL’OLIO association.

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