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Carmen - Terre di Carmen in Morciano Di Leuca- Salento- Puglia
Carmen with its farm of Carmen Terre ranks among the best producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy.
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"My commitment to clean agriculture and quality is a gift for all generations to come"

A dream that becomes reality.

The businesswoman Zotti Carmen found a farm specializes in olive oil


Once upon a time there was a girl named Carmen born in the countryside. Her grandfather took her with him and explained everything about agronomic crops and told them: learn that one day you will have to lead this campaign.

But unfortunately this did not come true, the countryside so loved by his grandfather and his granddaughter has gone to others. This little girl's love for nature has never passed. One day, grown up, finding himself walking in the middle of abandoned olive groves, still feeling alive the love and passion for the countryside that his grandfather had passed on to him, without thinking too much, she began to cultivate them. After a lot of work, the olive groves have been reborn and have given their fruits. Thus was born the TERRE DI CARMEN farm.

Every now and then I think about it and say who knows how proud grandfather would be of this work.

Health and Wellness0%
Tradition and Innovation0%
We believe in teamwork

Each of the members of our team is a recognized expert in their area of ​​expertise for which they can boast first-level training and experience, teamwork allows you to multiply this knowledge by intertwining them with each other, creating a new common plot, so that they complement and enable us to provide an olive oil among the best in Italy

We believe in quality, in the health and beauty

We believe in the detail and reason things. Beauty is a delicate but decisive well, changing but universal, my melting frivolo. We believe in the emotion of the beautiful things, in pursuit of excellence, in satisfaction of the right choices, in the light charm of simple things, in the high shine of contrasts.

We believe in the past, in the future and in humans

We believe in the use of materials, techniques and suggestions of tradition, we design the future we dream, we believe in the sun, in doing things well that preserve unchanged over time their value and taste, the friend of nature and man's technology and above all we believe in the man of passion expression, dreams, aspirations and beauty and must not be in conflict with nature, l'ambiente, intelligence, happiness, our life, and our children.


Kg of olives


Liters of oil


Reasons to be proud

Pleasure, I am the extra virgin olive oil

The quality can be recognized

Extra virgin and health

Thanks to the action of fatty acids monounsaturated extra virgin olive oil increases the fluidity of the blood and reduces bad cholesterol in favor of the good one. Brought the vitamin liposolubili: the vitamin A necessary for its antioxidant action, vitamin D with the vitamin K that ensures the formation of bone matrix, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and exerts protective activity against neoplastic diseases.

And extra virgin quality

What are the characteristics that make it an excellent olive oil? They are different. First, on the quality of the cultivar that is the type of olive varieties cultivated. The plant must also be supervised in each stage of growth from an agronomist specialized and by a oleologist, to ensure the collection, extract the best extra virgin olive oil, as well as the classification under the technical profile, nutritional and sensorial. The best production is limited to small batches.

The real extra virgin

As explained by Dr.. Alfredo Marasciulo Expert University in organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oils "The extra virgin olive oil is not more than just a fruit juice, l’oliva e, as in any juice, the quality of this fruit and how it squeezes, will depend on the quality of the product obtained "continues" We talk for example of the orange. Imagine squeezing of unripe oranges and completely green, then healthy oranges and at the right level of ripeness and, Lastly, the shriveled oranges and marches. We will have three different juices that despite coming all from orange, They have sensitive characteristics and differences in taste. For the olive juice is worth exactly the same principle ".