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Spring Air in Salento

Spring Air in Salento

If there is a season that makes us think of the life in its most surprising and pleasant sense it is the spring.

Spring basically gives us a vital shock and asks us to find new energy.

however, the feeling prevails that the land, the world around us, life short, They are animated by a special beauty.

It will be that the colors are lit as our truest desires and everything seems clear and enlightened.

The nature and the earth will awaken: birds fill the air with their twittering, come the first colored butterflies, the insects are placed here and there, and the worms come out of the ground. The tender buds sprout from the bare branches.

In my Salento nature is keenly felt; is a riot of colors and fragrances flowers in full vegetation: bougainvilleas of multiple colors , wild daisies and yellow flowers that give the fields a bright light, the grass that gets a green light, and then do not miss the sound of the waves , the foam that becomes silver in the bright light of the sun and its immense blue expanse where the eye can spill; all fills you with emotions and an indescribable joy.

And our beloved olive trees? they are always green, but also for their spring brings the awakening: They bring to vegetate in full swing after winter wise agronomic treatment of farmers.

Unfortunately this beauty is contaminated by dead branches of xilella, the troublesome bacterium that nobody can tame even.

We all look helpless and worried about the future of these plants and to the economic future of this area, one of the most beautiful of the Italian peninsula.

  • Adriana and Charles
    Posted at 04:58h, 20 July Reply

    It is true that the atmosphere is different in Salento, We stayed there recently and we also have purchased your extra virgin olive oil Salento

  • Antonio
    Posted at 19:09h, 24 July Reply

    Our land and age-old olive trees continue to produce extra virgin olive oil of top quality olive oil, there Xilella taking, instill think in centuries of life have been through and seen more than I have seen us. Certainly we should all be more responsible in their management…

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