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Carmen lands | Collection 2016
Only Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Collection 2016

Collection 2016

We are now starting in November and the end of another year, for all is always a kind of event, vediamo la fine dell’anno come la chiusura di un piccolo cerchio e la riapertura di un altro, while in the countryside around is more nuanced because if it is true that the field activities are cyclical and follow specific rituals and modes is also true that the various activities, specialmente in un’azienda agricola come la nostra, succeed, They intersect in a way that is never really the time to sit down and make final, but always rather to move forward and put his hand to the moment works with undiminished energy. This year in Puglia year for the olive trees was not among the simplest, but our trees with the necessary treatments have resisted well and we were once again donated their precious fruit. Per quel che riguarda la molitura delle olive e la produzione di olio, view of the dramatic situation of deficiency that there has been in many parts of 'Italy, noi possiamo dirci soddisfatti ed il nostro olio c’è e presto arriverà a chi lo vorrà gustare. Nell’ oliveto presto verranno fatte tutte le lavorazioni del terreno. We thank all the guys, the farmers, the fantoiani and the special people who have accompanied us in these happy moments.

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